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The Hand That is Rising

This is a Blades in the Dark campaign on Roll20. See GM Notes


Your lair is an old abandoned church of some nameless god at Temple Street and Ironbridge Row in the Six Towers district. Most of the roof of the church has collapsed, and the tower has crumbled, but there are enough rooms at the back which can be used as a meeting place and living quarters, and has a crypt as well. The crypt is ideal for use for rituals, doesn’t flood too often and even includes the occasional rat for when a blood sacrifice is needed.

The area is claimed by the Circle of Flame. They are a secret society, so you haven’t met the leaders (or even know who they are). You’ve spoken to Neena Dara, who you know reports to Harvale Brogan, proprietor of the Centuralia Club in Brightstone.

Someone you have dealt with in the past is Hutchins, the proprietor of an old book store not far from your lair. A lot of academics come to him for books and trinkets on a variety of topics, from the occult to the merely historical.

You have a good relationship with Lord Scurlock, and even managed to obtain some half-decent furnishings from him after a score you did for his nephew a short while ago. Lord Scurlock himself lives in an unknown location outside of the city, but his nephew Alexander Scurlock dwells in the tumbledown manor house that used to be the family home in Six Towers.

You have a poor relationship with another cult of Forgotten Gods, which call themselves The Shrouded Queen. You stole occult paraphernalia from them to set up your own Ritual Sanctum, and they haven't forgiven you.

A couple of people, Igor and Renfield, have tagged along with you, carrying out the menial tasks to keep the place habitable, and probably helping in the rituals as well.

The Crew

Rufus - Hound

Sargent Spid - Cutter

Rue - Leech

Erina - Lurk

Dominus - Spider

Tamasis - Whisper

Skarlett - Slide

Game Aids

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