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2011/10/03 - Marriages and Funerals

It is Winter.

After the death of my father, I have inherited the family's three manors. Lord Roger is still not dead, and with my mother a widow there could be a political opportunity in there somewhere. We spend the time Wintering at court.

Cerled's sister is married off to Hewil Ap Gwarthen with a dowry of £15.

Cerled marries Rhianydd ferch Gildass with a dowry of £10 and 2 manors.

I marry Eilis, who comes with a dowry of £18.

My mother marries Lord Alfwen, a rich neighbour with 4 manors, and I am adopted into his family.

At the King's Court, we are all awarded golden armrings which mark us as being Huscurls of the Cymri. There is much feasting and display of wealth. Also here is the Lady Igraine, which is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Afterwards, we move back to Salisbury where we can enjoy the advantages of our new married life.

News reaches us that King Uther has died suddenly. Rumour has it said that he was poisoned, probably by Saxons. The big problem with this is that their is no obvious heir apart from the Saxon Cerdic Esling.

News from a travelling peddler is that In the yard of St Paul's Cathedral, a great block of granite with a block of red marble atop it, and atop that an anvil has appeared. In the anvil is a sword. Written in latin on the anvil is:

He who pulleth this sword from the stone is rightwise born king of all Britain.

Apparently this appeared on Christmas day after much praying for a sign from God.

Early spring, 496, Salisbury.

A knight comes to my manor to deliver a letter. Apparently he was in the forest Savage near Bristol, when he met the knight of the Red Knives who instructed him to deliver the letter to me.

Gentlemen of your courtesy, I bring to your knowledge the lost knight of the silver feather. This kngiht has been wandering the forests Savage for a number of years. He is unable to find his way home. It seems to me that some gentles and honourable knights could wth honour and courage bring him to his folk again. Be thou aware that he has been seeking and questing these many years after the serpent of 3 colours.

Eilis has heard of this serpent, it is a great Wyrm. It has the ability to transform to small size and hide if threatened. Many maidens and brave knights have fallen to it, and it resides over much treasure.

Brother Sulin turns up (with the bath), and I find him a place to set up a preceptory.

In the meantime, we decide to head to London to see the sword in the stone, and find out what is happening about the succession.

The sword is of very high quality, with golden hilt encrusted with rubies. The block of granite is a 1m cube, and the 'iron' anvil is some form of shiny metal.

We are due for a dinner at the house of Marcus Phipsanius Agrippa (aka Aquilla). We find some suitable gifts (wine, olive oil and sea salt), and arrive at the town house. The house is definitely of high quality, with plenty of artistic decorations and underfloor heating.

There are the three of us, Aquilla and Gwere. There are also three women, two of whom Caradoc are interested in. There is some interesting discussion of poetry, and some of philosophy which I know little about. The food is strange - lots of small dishes of food rather than decent hunks of meat, but it is reasonably pleasant.

Aquilla is planning to go to Britanny later in the year, because he is worried about his fleet but mostly because there is a shortage of warhorses and he needs to find studs from France.

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