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2011/10/10 - The Hunting of a Cow

There is a church mass at St Pauls in February, to celebrate and consecrate the attempts to pull the sword from the stone. None of them are particularly successful. After three days, a monk proclaims that there was a vision by 3 eldritch queens who made a prophecy that God will deliver a high king who will be able to pull sword from stone. 6 knights step from the crowd and swear to stand vigil over the stone.

Soon after, the kings decide to form a council of regents to rule the land, and start arguing over who is going to be on the committee, who controls London and who controls the treasury (which is in Winchester). It looks unikely that anything useful will be decided about how to deal with the Saxons.

It is time for us to go to Brittany with Aquila in order to obtain some good horses. We go by fast ship, which doesn't have room for our horses so we have to leave them behind in Aquila's stables. It being March, the channel is somewhat choppy, but we make it across to Burgandy. We obtain a couple of Biga, which is a 4 wheeled wagon, to take us down towards Brittanny. We spend the time trying to learn Latin.

Eventually we reach the palatial villa of Flavious Attius near the border of Less Britain and Burgandy, in Gaul. He is a relative of Aquila, and friends with the Gepids, the tribes who own some good horses.

We have dinner with Aquilla, Flavious Attius and a couple of blonde gentlemen. One of them is huge. He is Sigurn Isolfre ('Ice Wolf'), the other is Fraen. They are Gepids, and hostages of Attius. There is also a mousey haired chap, called Addlebert Flamwarda. He is an Angle.

Alcohol is consumed, and some boasting is done. Sigurn takes out a huge drinking horn, which apparently came from a cow that he killed. We decide to go hunting tomorrow to hunt another one.

The following morning, we convene with a lot of armour, axes, swords and spears, and go hunting for cows. Eventually we find a giant cow. It stands about 6 feet at the shoulder. It is an Orox. It spots us, and there is a mutual charge. One of the Saxons is taken out, the rest of us hack at it in an ineffectual fashion. It turns to face me, but I dodge and we manage to take it down.

We get the badly wounded guy back to the villa, as well as the Orox. Sigurn is impressed by us, having thought that we weren't quite that brave or competent. He says we are welcome back to his homeland.

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