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2012/01/16 - The Taking of Shrewsbury

We have hostages.

The keep has been pretty much cleared of any useful material, either in the treasury or in way of documentation.

By morning, we wake to see a column of smoke coming from the direction of Shrewsbury. It may be the caravan that was headed in that direction, so we send some scouts to investigate.

We wheel our abbot down to the abbey, to go and remove Father Member. Most of the monks were trying to flee, but we catch them. Father Member hides in the chapel, trying to claim sanctuary. Abbot Liam allows him to do so, though refuses him food and water until he leaves.

We take the rest of the beer from the abby, and let the locals have it. A great party is had, so they are all happy about the events, at least until the hangovers kick in.

Sir Arthfael is questioned. They thought it would a nice chance to grab some land for themselves.

The scout returns late that afternoon. Apparently what is burning is actually Sherborn. They let in what they thought were some masons, but they turned out to be siegers. They set fire to the tower, and smoked out the knights within it. There is now a red banner flyng above the tower, and there are knights with red shields.

We accept promises from our hostages that they will behave themselves, and allow them to write their ransom notes. Most of them probably can't afford to pay though. We spend the rest of the day checking defences and ensuring that all is secure.

Sir Arthfael remembers that there was a red shield hanging on the wall here. It was the shield of her ladyship's grandfather.

The following day, two knights coming down the road from Sherborn, both with red shields. They are carrying a green branch of peace.

Caradoc and myself ride out to meet them. They offer to share a drink. He identifies himself as Sir Braes, and his son Sir Blain. Caradoc invites Braes into the village, and I stay outside with Blain.

There is much talk indoors, and a temporary agreement of sorts is come to. We send for Sir Roger of Salisbury to take over here and work out the details and long term agreements, and he sends someone over to do so. He buys our hostages from us for 72l. Blain stays here as a 'hostage', and Marcus goes with Braes back to Shrewsbury.

There is news of Oxford raiding into our lands. We go out on patrol, with plans on making use of q-wagons or something similar.

We capture 2 knights and a couple of men at arm, The knights are worth 24l.

7 chargers, 8 suits of mail, 7 shields, 8 swords and a mace.

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