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12th April

Stock up on supplies from rebel starship. Lots of detonite and stuff. Head off for the Squib to give him a good kicking. The walker isn’t there at the base, so we take out a couple of cloud cars. Go find the repulsor lift walker, and after a protracted battle, finally take it down.

The Wookie and Ithorian go down to board the wreck, and after breaking into the walker, meet a Gammorian armed with a vibro blade. There is a glorious battle between the Gammorian and the Wookie, which the Wookie looses. The Ithorian then steps in with the the riot gun, and takes him down.

There is a final fight with the Squib, where the wookie, now very pissed off, rips off his head, then goes back and kills the Gammorean. Find an unconscious guy in the head of the ATAT.

The pilot and Ithorian go scrap collecting. They find a battered Y-Wing fighter, and rescue a bloke from a Rodian. It turns out that he knows the pilot of the Y-Wing - a Shondra Del, who we recognise as being a rebel contact. The guy is Meekos, who works for Lud Chud. Seems to be some sort of dodgy guy. Offers to help us find Shondra as well as lots of other things.

Go to Merisee, to try and find Shondra. Take Meekos with us. It is an agricultural world. Capital is Karamas. Meekos goes off and does lots of deals to find out where Shondra is - apparently she is in one of the Gardens. We visit the garden, where there is a woman who does not quite look like her, and a man with a bunch of flowers. The man throws a datapad to Meekos, then is killed by some assassin in black with a knife.

More assassins come out of the hedge, and there is a big fight, in which we are badly injured, though the assassins flee. We try and make the way back to our ship, where we are accosted by another group of men, who draw weapons when they see us. We draw weapons back, and a shouting match follows in which they refuse to identify themselves, and demand a datapad.

The wookie gets bored and opens fire. Another big fire fight. We finally fight our way aboard our ship (which has been boarded), and blast off. Datapad is a message from Shondra. She believes the rebels in the local area have been compromised, and she will try to meet us on Toreena. She may have knowledge of the imperial prison planet.


At Toreena. Meekos' contact is an Ithorian petshop lady called Eeksa. She's also an information broker. We go to see her, but on seeing Meekos, she hurries to the back room, saying she'll be back later. Strayton follows her, finding her trying to make a call.

Strayton stops her, find out that Meekos has a price on his head, and Eeksa is scared of Chud finding out that he was here. Eeksa is expecting Shondra soon, but does not know where she is. She is a good friend of Shondra.

April 13th

Get call from Eeksa to meet at restaurant. Tells us Shondra has been arrested, about 12 hours before we arrived. It sounds like she was handed over to LudChud's goons, who have taken her off world. Probably arrested by Imperials. Ship is going to Derilyn Go back to our ship, and find ninja guys there again.

They try to break into the ship, and fail. We blast off without too much of an issue. Search Meekos, find transmittors and data discs on him. Dump the transmitters. Data on discs is encrypted. Together we manage to decrypt the data, which is Lud Chud's private data.

Meekos knows a freighter captain of IML, Kortho Hatanga, who may be able to help us get into Derilyn. He is back at Toreena. We go back there so Meekos can talk to him and arrange something. Hide aboard a big freighter, amongst rock in the hold. Get attacked on route. Have to fight off borders. ISD turns up and destroys the pirates. Pirates fight to the death, crying 'For Kooronian Survivors'.

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