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Druids' Dale

An Ars Magica campaign set in Mythic Scotland.



  • Allistor ex Mercere - a Gifted Redcap.
  • Múireaan Maedbh ní Saebhreathach ex Merinita - a faerie blood maga from Ireland.
  • Pisciculus ex Criamon - a maga from Crete with an interest in Faerie. Immune to the cold, she is specialising in Mentem and Corpus.
  • Euan Dubh ex Miscellanea - a magus of the old Gruagach traditions which predate the Order of Hermes.


  • Aodhan - an Irish scholar and teacher specialising in the Uraicecht Becc and Cannon Law.
  • Greysen - a Scottish Bard making a name for himself with his excellent songs.
  • Sid - a Scottish shapechanger skilled in wilderness lore.
  • Jack - English soldier with an affinity from the forests which he got from his supernatural father.


50×50 square maps, at 70px per square (so 3500×3500 pixels). With and without lighting.

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