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Military Base

A Military Base is designed specifically for defence and offence. It is designed much like a starship is, and must pay for structure and systems.

  • It has a MASS, which it does not need to pay for.
  • It costs 1 point for each point of STRUCTURE.
  • It costs 2 points for each point of ARMOUR. Armour can be layered, at no extra cost.
  • It has no drives or FTL systems.
  • It has power and (if needed) life support.
  • It has one DCP per 20 MASS of the base.

Planetary Conditions

  • If surface conditions are such that EVA or other protective gear is needed on the surface, then the base must have life support systems.
  • If the atmosphere is a Vacuum or Very Thin, the base must have at least 30% STRUCTURE.
  • If the atmosphere is Very Dense, then the base must have at least 40% STRUCTURE.
  • All other atmospheres must be at least 10% STRUCTURE

A military base can use DCPs for defence, but only when the base is invaded. They are treated as Riflemen, but perform badly against all targets.

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