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Invasion Troops

What happens when a fleet in Full Thrust wants to invade a planet? They can bomb it from orbit, but that can be imprecise and doesn't give control of the planet. To control the planet, you need feet on the ground. These rules are some rough ideas on how to mimic a ground invasion as part of a normal Full Thrust game. If you wanted, you could switch to something like Dirtside II, but that's complicated. These rules also assume that invasions are relatively small - a few platoons or companies attacking a military base for example, rather than the full invasion of a planet of a billion or more people.

According to More Thrust, 1 cargo space = 50 points of capacity for vehicles and troops. If 1 infantry = 4 capacity, and a vehicle = 4 * SIZE capacity, then:

  • 1 Space is enough for 1 squad (plus equipment) of troops.
  • 3 Space is enough for 1 platoon of troops (4 squads).
  • 1 Space is enough for a platoon of APCs (4 vehicles).
  • 1 Space is enough for a platoon of medium tanks (4 vehicles).

Unit Types

A unit is the smallest single group of troops or vehicles for the purposes of these rules. Each takes up a single unit of space in a drop ship.

  • Riflemen. Standard infantry platoon equipped with light weapons. Includes APCs.
  • Engineers. Infantry platoon of specialist engineers for taking out buildings and heavy vehicles. Includes APCs.
  • Tanks. Armoured fighting vehicles (3-5) with necessary crew and support infrastructure.
  • Gunships. VTOL or helicopter craft (3-5) with necessary crew and support infrastructure.
  • Artillery. Heavy mobile artillery with necessary crew and support infrastructure.

Amount of space required for each type of unit is as follows:

Unit Type Drop Ship Transport Ship Points
Riflemen 1 3 5
Engineers 1 3 5
APCs 1* 4* 5
Tanks 1 2 10
Gunships 1 2 10
Artillery 1 2 10

* Space for APCs includes a platoon of troops (riflemen or engineers) as well as support staff. APCs by themselves take up 2 space for long distance storage.

Extra space is required in the transport in order to provide support, workshops, living space etc. It is assumed that any 'off board' movement (such as jump travel, or moving between worlds) requires a 'Transport Ship'. Troops and equipment are then loaded onto a drop ship at the start of the game for travel down to the planet.

Drop Ships

Drop ships only need space for troops and vehicles for a few hours, so the amount of space required is less than that needed by the mothership.

A drop ship takes up 1.5x mass for hanger space. Hanger space costs 3x mass.


Units are abstracted into types based on their general roles and capabilities. Different types of units are good against others, so a mix may be needed.

Unit Type Move Range Good v Bad v
Riflemen 1 1 Engineers APC, Tanks, Gunships, Artillery
Engineers 1 1 Tanks, Artillery Riflemen
APC 3 1/2 Gunships Tanks
Tanks 3 2 APC, Artillery Gunships
Gunships 6 2 APC, Tanks, Artillery Riflemen, Engineers
Artillery 2 5 Riflemen, Engineers, APC Gunships
  • Normally, score hit on 5+
  • If good, score hit on 4+
  • If bad, score hit on 6

A unit has 4 squads, one squad destroyed on a hit. Each squad rolls a d6. APC have a range of 1 versus ground targets, and a range of 2 versus Gunships.

A range of 1 means that the unit can attack units in the neighbouring hex.

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