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Roll20 Maps

The following are some of the maps I've used for Roll 20 for this campaign.

Map of Star Port Bay

This map has a scale of 1 hex = 7m, so is more of an overview. Generated from Blender top view (and still has some Blender artefacts on it).

Forest Caves

Scale 1 hex = 1m, some caves and waterfalls in the forest, plus an old shipping container which can be used as a nest for a large animal.


Scale 1 hex = 1m, a set of apartments at the spaceport.


Scale 1 hex = 1m, streets and back alleys for a gunfight in the main city.

Asteroid Base

Base inside an asteroid, 70px = 1 sq = 1m. This was a deserted Aslan base to be explored by the Travellers.

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