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Human Enclaves

Though the majority of humanity was wiped out at the end of the Xarn-Scree war, many humans were able to flee to safe havens around the nearby galaxies.


Earth is the birthplace of humanity, and still the home of half a billion humans. The Scree though are the masters of this world now, and humans are forced to live as second class citizens. We are not slaves, for cheap labour is far easier to obtain using machines, but neither do we have the freedom to do what we please.

The Scree have taken the equatorial and tropical regions as their own, for they have a preference for warmth and humidity. A massive terraforming project has also increased the amount of oxygen, and raised the temperature of the planet, melting the ice caps and turning the deserts into lush forests and grasslands.

The northern reaches of Asia and Europe are where the bulk of humans on Earth live. We are forbidden advanced technology, and any signs of radios, large machines or industrialisation is met with an orbital strike that can lead to the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands. Humanity has fallen back to a pre-industrial agrarian society, though with the advantages of knowing about disease, chemistry and basic physics.


Rekila is a major hub of the One Time network of worlds, built around a large gas giant that orbits a red dwarf star. The 'capital' of this system is a giant ring that orbits the gas giant, home to perhaps a trillion sapients. The population of the rest of the system is somewhere between ten and a hundred times this - large portions of the system are private, unattached to the information network that normally connects habitats.

Rekila Hub itself, which has three gates, is governed by the Tlal, who enforce a neutrality upon the system in order to better accommodate commerce and diplomacy.

There are a number of human enclaves within the Hub, the largest of which is rented from the Kin. About twenty thousand humans live here.

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