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Profession Skills

New Skills

Profession (Cartographer)

(Referenced in Ultimate Wilderness). Used for making maps, can provide bonuses to Survival or Geography checks for finding your way.

Profession (Sage)

(Brodert Quink has this). You can use this to aid another on either yourself or another person for any Knowledge or Lore skill if you have access to a library. If you have 10 ranks, it gives +4 rather than +2 on DC 20.

Expanded Skills

Profession (Librarian)

If 'defeating' a library, a check on this allows you to do extra 'damage' when reducing the knowledge rating. Each DC 10 rolled, does +2 extra damage. You roll this instead of a knowledge check (so you have to aid, but don't count towards the limit of two), and only do damage if the primary knowledge check is successful.

Profession (Cook)

A good cook can provide bonuses to those resting at night. Requires that there is food available to cook (rather than just cold rations). These stack with bonuses from using the Heal skill.

Each DC 10 rolled, +1 bonus on any overnight saving throws to recover from poisons, disease, ability or level damage or drain etc.

DC 20, also grants a +50% bonus in hitpoints recovered after a night of rest.

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