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Science Fiction Gaming

Science fiction makes up the majority of my reading material, however I've never had a huge success with translating SF settings to roleplaying.

Science Fiction Settings


A long time ago, I wrote an SF background for GURPS called Mortals - . The premise was a 25th century setting (far enough in the future that contemporary events could be ignored) based around the idea of humanity being ruled by a few powerful organisations led by Immortals - families of humans who had access to medicines kept out of the hands of everyone else.

It was a cyberpunk-like setting with hyperspace travel and a few alien cultures. It died a death pretty soon afterwards, due to a variety of problems.

Recently, I have started re-working it, possibly this time ready for use with Yags - instead of GURPS. This will be a bigger empire, with hooks for using Full Thrust as well.

The One Time

Before Mortals, there was The One Time, an idea I had after reading up on traversable wormholes. It was never used, and I switched over to a more traditional SF setting (i.e. Mortals). The One Time is hard science fiction - no faster than light travel, reactionless thrusters or other 'impossibilities'. Just wormholes.

Using relativity and time dilation, the wormholes span time as well as space, connecting together several alien empires together into a single frame of reference - The One Time. The idea is currently being fleshed out a bit more and wakened from its ten year hibernation.


The problem with Traveller - is that I dislike all the Traveller rule systems other than GURPS, and pretty much everyone I know hates GURPS. This means that the chance of me ever running Traveller is zero to none.

Which is a shame, since I think the setting has about the right mix of fantasy and science to be playable. I could use an entirely different system (such as Yags), but if I was going to do that, I'd rather use my own setting.

Full Thrust

Full Thrust - is a good space combat wargame with a simple background which I happen to like, despite feeling that the politics are slightly improbable.

My problem with it is that there's no set scale (a feature many see as an advantage), and it doesn't handle very big ships very well, especially if you want to use small ships at the same time.

It's also not Free, so I may try for a replacement based on a system I wrote before I found Full Thrust. No reactionless drives, full vectored movement for everything, but still had scaling issues.

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