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Ships of Elite

Elite took over part of my life back in the 1980s, playing the original on the BBC Micro. We even created an RPG based on the game, not realising that it was itself based on (or at least inspired by) the Traveller RPG.

These are some ship designs, heavily influenced by the ships of the 1984 version of Elite (by David Braben and Ian Bell), built for Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition. They include deck plans, renders and statistics. The original manual is available online for reference.

A lot of the ships are effectively fighters, coming in as 'small craft' in Traveller terms. There are some strict limitations on such ships, which makes it difficult to model the original Elite ships exactly. Where there are discrepancies, I've stuck to Traveller rules.

The main issue is that ships under 100t can only have a limited number of weapons. A 10t fighter can't carry a laser and missiles for example. So whilst the Elite ships were missile heavy, these designs aren't.

Current Project Status: Deadly

Download ZIP

Craft Size Class TL Jump Thrust Cargo
Adder Adder 100t Trader 10 1 2 32t
Anaconda Anaconda 2,400t Trader 11 2 1 1,243t
Asp II Asp 200t Passenger 13 4 7 10t
Boa Boa 1,200t Trader 13 3 2 497t
Cobra Cobra 200t Trader 12 2 3 70t
Cobra III Cobra III 300t Trader 13 2 4 89t
Constrictor Constrictor 200t Military 14 3 6 0t
Fer-de-lance Fer-de-lance 400t Yacht 13 2 4 30t
Gecko Gecko 8t Fighter 11 - 5 0t
Krait Krait 10t Fighter 12 - 6 0t
Mamba Mamba 20t Fighter 13 - 6 1t
Moray Star Boat Moray 200t Trader 12 1 4 14t
Orbit Shuttle Orbit Shuttle 20t Shuttle 10 - 3 5t
Python Pythonr 800t Trader 11 2 2 369t
Sidewinder Sidewinder 20t Scout 13 - 7 1t
Transporter Transporter 70t Shuttle 10 - 2 8t
Viper Viper 50t Gunboat 12 - 6 0t
Worm Worm 10t Shuttle 10 - 3 1t

A file containing all the above designs, plus standalone deck plans and images, is downloadable here.

All deck plans are done using Dungeondraft. I almost exclusively use my own assets.

See the original blog post for some background.

Other ships still in the queue:

  • Ophidian - 100t
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