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Celestia Gallery

Here are some screenshots of the data as displayed in Celestia. Nothing particularly interesting yet, but more as the code matures.

The Traveller Galaxy

The following show images of the main sectors of the Imperium. The dark region is the Great Rift, and the second shot is looking straight across it.

The Etre system

Close to a star, looking straight across the galactic plane. Because Traveller uses a 2D map, I've added a small random element to the Z coordinate of each system, so that it doesn't look quite so flat.

World Generation

The following shots show initial attempts at writing something that can randomly generate world maps. Since I was using

Mapcraft - we use hex tiles for the map, which show up at low resolution. These first images are lower resolution to speed up testing. They include a couple of barren worlds, a Pelagic world and an early attempt at a Gaian world.

Since the above screenshots were taken, I've totally rewritten the rendering engine (it now uses a diamond-square algorithm for generating a fractal landscape with square tiles) so that it is much faster, and produces potentially better results.

It's currently limited to Gaian type worlds, and doesn't yet handle the poles properly. The following images show a warm EoGaian world with a large surface ocean.

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