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Traveller Resources

Collected here are a number of maps, images and other resources that I've put together for my current Traveller campaign. They are very generic, with little or no game related details mentioned. They aren't full adventures, or even full vehicle designs, but might be of use for someone to base their own adventures or idea off.

  • Battle Maps - Maps designed for use in tactical grid combat


The following maps are of buildings and places. All are SVG documents.

  • Command Centre - A small command centre.
  • Medical Base - This was a medical/research centre where unethical medical experiments were being carried out. It's actually on the underside of an ice sheet, on a Europan world.
  • Pirate Base - A pirate base, with to-scale outlines of docked starships (see the space ship links below).


A more detailed list of ships is available here.

Below are some very rough outlines and floor plans of some space craft. They may look familiar to players of a certain computer game.

  • Anaconda - A large bulk freighter.
  • Fer-De-Lance - A luxury light yacht.
  • Python - A rugged medium freighter.
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