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Eagle Bulk Freighter (3200dt)

The Eagle class Bulk Freighter is an ugly block design. The oversized engines at the rear, kept external to the hull to simplify shielding, are quite distinctive. It mounts two heavy turrets on top (one fore, one aft) for basic defence.

One of the earliest interstellar freighters that was built in Sol shipyards following the Long Night, the Eagle class (and its many variants) stayed around for several hundred years before being superseded by newer and better designs.

Capable of carrying 500dt of cargo, and having a jump range of 1 parsec, it was an expensive way to ship goods around, but it was the best available at the time.

Fitted with two dorsal mounted heavy turrets, the Eagle has some defensive capability. It's low thrust and limited range greatly reduce it's ability to run from attackers however, and it was often seen as a juicy target if found in less secure systems.

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