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Eagle II Bulk Freighter (3200dt)

The Eagle II class Bulk Freighter is an ugly block design. The oversized engines at the rear, kept external to the hull to simplify shielding, are quite distinctive. It mounts two heavy turrets on top (one fore, one aft) for basic defence.

Upgraded in early TL 11 to take advantage of the improvements to Jump drive technology, the Mk II Eagle was superior in almost every way to the initial variants. Though it was still only capable of Jump-1, the drive was smaller and more efficient, allowing extra room for reaction mass and cargo.

Cargo capacity was upped to 700 dt, and range was more than doubled, with a 50% increase to acceleration. Some variants swapped cargo for reaction mass (or vice versa) depending on requirements.

Fitted with two dorsal mounted heavy turrets, the Eagle has some defensive capability. It still had a low thrust compared to the sort of ships used by pirates, but Q-ship variants could be heavily armed and armoured.

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