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Albatross Freighter (85dt)

A small conical hull with an engine on one end and a bridge and crew quarters at the front. Most of the rest of the ship is given over to cargo. In some designs the cargo area is left unpressurised. It is about 31m in length. With its (optional) external fuel tanks, mass increases to 85dt.

A simple intra-system transport freighter, typical of early pre-jump cultures. It was constructed in Solomani space towards the end of the Long Night, but prior to the formation of the Third Imperium.

It is incapable of landing on most planets, and its slow drives make it unsuited for long haul in-system flights. As such it is only found in back water systems where the technology to support anything more complex doesn't exist. However, some variants replace the old style chemical drives with updated plasma torch designs, which improves performance considerably.

My jettisoning the external tanks, it can perform a return trip from Earth to Mars.


  • Main tanks + engine: 33dt
  • External Fuel Tanks (2): 18dt
  • Crew: 15dt
  • Main cargo: 18dt

Everything is 'misc' connectors and external bits.

Fuel is Liquid Oxygen and Methane.


  • Dry Mass: 85dt
  • Wet Mass: 565dt
  • Engine: 5,000 Thrust, 4.2 Impulse
  • Acceleration: 8.8m/s² - 59m/s²
  • Delta-Vee: 7.9km/s empty, 3.2km/s max load

Designed to carry 4 x 2dt containers (8dt)

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