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Dust Disc

Class: Belt Group, Circumstellar Class

A Dust Disc is a disc of dust and gas around a star, and are sometimes known as Proto-planetary Discs. They tend to be only found in young systems, since they have generally either dispersed or formed a planetary system after millions of years. Objects within such a disc are less than a millimetre in diameter, often in the sub-micron range.

Larger discs can reach out to hundreds of AU, and may be a dozen AU thick.

They are often visible from thousands of AU away, and the view from within a disc is generally obscured as a reddish glow that permeates space. The actual density though is a vacuum from the perspective of humans, though it is a particularly dense vacuum.


Within the 170K line of the system, the disc will be made up of silicates and metals. Beyond this point it may consist of ices and volatile gases.

Due to the low density of the disc though, mining it for heavier elements is rarely cost effective.

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