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Oort Cloud

Class: Belt Group, Circumstellar Class

An Oort Cloud tends to completely surround a star system at a distance of thousands to hundreds of thousands of A.U. Unlike discs, an Oort Cloud tends to be more three dimensional, enclosing the system in a bubble of icy comets.

Due to the vast distances between individual comets, an Oort Cloud tends to be a cold, lonely place.

Some systems have two distinct Oort Clouds, an inner cloud (termed OI) and an outer cloud (termed OO). Smaller systems may simply have an inner (OI) cloud.

Around a Sol-mass star, the OI cloud can be found about 10,000 AU from the star, with a radius of about 5,000 AU. The outer cloud is about 30,000 AU distant, with a 15,000 AU radius.

Binary Stars

Binary star systems can be too unstable to allow oort clouds to remain for long. Close binary pairs are fine, but distant companions disrupt the sensitive gravitational fields and quickly break up oort clouds.

Planetary Wanderers

It is possible, but rare, to find planets in an Oort Cloud. They tend to be quiet, cold worlds which have remained unchanged for billions of years. Normally they're the result of having been kicked out of the inner system rather than having formed here, and for that reason tend to be lone wanderers.

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