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Yags is a generic rules system that can be adapted to many different genres and settings. The core rules are designed for a Medieval European setting.

By default, Yags is designed for low fantasy - PC's may be heroic, but even a hero can be killed with a single sword blow, or a well placed arrow. However, much of the combat system has been designed from the point of view of films such as Flying Daggers, Hero or Kill Bill - a hero can achieve feats normal people can't, but they are not invulnerable to normal people. In this sense, it is more like GURPS than d20.

The Rules in Brief

Everyone has a set of attributes, of which there are eight primary ones - strength, stamina, agility, dexterity, perception, intelligence, empathy and will. A typical adult human has a score of 3 for all attributes. Scores above 5 are truly heroic, and scores less than 2 are typically crippling. All beginning characters will have attributes in the range of 2 - 5.

Everyone has a number of skills as well, which range from zero upwards - 15 is about the maximum, though scores of 16-20 (or higher) may be had by truly exceptional beings. A score of 4 is considered to be a typical professional level, and 10 or more is considered very exceptional, and limited to named characters.

In order to make a skill check, the player rolls a d20, and adds their attribute multiplied by their skill. This result is compared against a target difficulty, and if the target is equalled or exceeded, then the attempt was a success.


Techniques are special abilities that can be bought on skills which enable the character to use the skill in a particular way. It may give a bonus in a special circumstance, offset penalties or allow the character to perform a special trick.

Each technique has a level associated with it, and the skill must be known at that level before the technique can be bought. Many techniques also have a prerequisite of another technique.

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