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Go up out of the valley to meet up with the Lion. We have some books and obsidion we took from the monastry which is being carried on a cart pulled by an eta.

On speaking to the Akodo, apparently there shouldn't be a village there at all. Whoever was supposed to be looking after those lands had obviously 'overlooked' the village. The person responsible is Shosuro Higatsuku. He has a habit of getting in quarrels into people where they have to challenge him and he produces a good quality champion. He was responsible for the assassination of the Mantis Daymio.

Go back to the shugenja Sezaru to get the cursed items cleansed.

Later there are a series of really good plays which aim to poke fun at the Shogun and Sezaru. The theatres are shutdown and there is a hunt for the playwright responsible.

There is talk of the ratlings getting back their name magic after some of their name wizards came back through the Plane of Thwarted Destiny. This is worrying some people.

A large number of Mantis turn up - the Lady of Storms and her court.

Aki is asked to go down to the prison where a smuggler has been arrested. He used to be an opium smuggler, but is now smuggling gaijin pepper. He has brought in about a quarter of a tonne of the stuff. This has probably been happening for a while. There is possibly two to three times that amount now in the city.

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