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Leave the city and head out to where we think the Golden Horde is. A few days later we are camping and are woken by a huge sand storm. We head down towards a rocky ridge looking for cover.

Find a cave which leads back into a number of tunnels and caverns. There are some tracks here, and we come across a group of armed people who are also sheltering here. With them is a young woman. They say that they are heading to see the Great Khan, and that the woman is a bride for him.

They are being chased by a large number of oni, undead and other critters. They see to speak the same language as Xan Li did in Otashan Uchi. Again Fujiko gets into a discussion with them about their use of blood magic.

Whilst talking, we are assualted by goblins and ogres. Whilst fighting them off, some undead appear in the middle of our cavern. Eventually they are fought off, but the bride is kidnapped.

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