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We hear some goblins in the tunnels around the corner. Scouting out, we find some carved stairs going up. Deciding to clear out the goblins first, we charge down the tunnel and their is some fierce fighting. We come to a junction where there is a steep sided pit in the middle of the passage which two ogres and some goblins are defending. There is a brief battle, and the forces of darkness fall.

Whilst trying to get past the bodies of two ogres which block the way out of the pit, we hear some sloshing sounds down the passage. Our archer pops his head up and shoots the nearest goblin who is carrying a big flash of oil. Bortai calls for a flaming torch, and one of the foreigners chucks one over to the goblins.

There is a very big explosion, which Bortai is caught up in. There are no goblins left, though some bits of barrels of explosives and flasks of oil. This cavern is now too filled with smoke to be easily passable.

Some healing later…

We go back to the other stairs. Climbing them we come across carved and painted rooms. Near the top we hear some chanting and see a light.

There are four skeletal warriors holding a sarcophogus lid above a sarcophogus which contains the princess, bound and wrapped in cloth and obsidion amulets. The undead mage from before is here, as is a living mage. Coming up the stairs, Bortai cuts at the nearest skeletal warrior, cutting it down, then moves to the second merely wounding it.

Aki finishes off the one I attacked, and the sarcophogus crashes down covering the princess. Our archer's arrows aimed at the living mage burn up before they hit him. The mage calls on maho magic, and strikes at Bortai, inflicting painful wounds.

Bortai cuts at him, hurting him. The undead magus is dropped by arrows, and with its death the rest of the undead crumble to dust. Bortai cuts at the magus again, hurting him badly. Aki cuts at him as well. He calls on maho again, using his own blood to power the spell. Finally Bortai and Aki cut him down and he falls, though his body begins to knit itself back together. We behead it, then burn it quickly.

Lifting the lid, Bortai pulls out the princess, stripping the cloth and obsidion amulets from her. The only thing she is still wearing is a tacky necklace, which is probably the Tears of the Dragon amulet which is her dowry for the Khan. I take her downstairs to safety, and Fujiko tries to heal any taint we may have got.

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