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Long gap since any notes have been taken.

We ended up on the Wall, where armies of goblins and oni were massing. There have been several assualts on the Wall, all of which have been fought off.

We are summoned to see the Daimyo Kuni Mai, who is still resting after the assassination attempt. He informs us that the assassin was let in by someone he thought he could trust. If he can't be trusted, then there are others that can't be trusted either.

  • Haruma Tamiyo let the assassin in. He must die.
  • Haruma Tadori is his close companion. He must die.
  • Hida Shuso is the commander of his guard. He must die.
  • Hida Shusoki second in command to Shuso. He must die.
  • Kuni Kawanari who organises his appointments and guard rosters. He must die.
  • Karu Hirasuki, who knew of the secret exit. He must die.

Actual clarification, look for proof that they are innocent. If no absolute proof, kill them.

Take the guards out for a walk, and have a chat to them and kill then. They claimed to be serving the True Crab Way, following the path of Hida Kasada. Which is why they'd help try to assassinate the Daimyo. Anyway, they're all dead now.

Go back to the Wall, and join the nightly battle. I have to kill a big Oni.

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