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Aki gets a mind message from his sister - there is upheaval in the Imperial City, the Shogun Cannaka has been attacked and has been blinded. It sounded like she was under a lot of stress at the time of sending the message.

Need to investigate Hida Shusoki. He is one of those to be killed, and visited the stores on a regular basis, so may have been involved with the destruction of the Jade.

Whilst discussing…

A commotion as some guardsmen are leading some women through the castle. There is something wrong with the way they are walking, stumbling along and having difficulty standing. They are taken to a courtyard and begin to hang them.

Voshida goes down to investigate. Has a big argument with the guards over the reason for the hanging, until Fujiko intervenes. Their death has been ordered by the Daimyo for some unknown reason. They are left to go about their business.

We grab Hida Shusoki and ask him some questions. He is drunk at the time.

What are your duties? He guards and hits things. Reports to guard commander.

Duties regarding supplies? Every 3 days gets supplies. The Susuki is dishonest and up to something. Always plotting.

What check when in stores? Arrows, armour lacings, jade consumption not boxes.

Why is there difference? Sometimes discrepencies in Jade reported used and actually used.

What's the plan given the current Jade shortage? There's a shortage of jade? Normal plan is to shake the lads down and see what drops out.

How did assassin get in? Only way past the wards and security is if someone lets them in.

Who would do that? Kuni are a funny bunch. If he'd done it, and smuggled someone in, then someone else would have notice and raised an issue. If a higher up did it, then everyone allows them to do what they want. Secretary, some women, Re Hi (Go Master).

Some of his lads have been funny about Jade recently. Especially the Hiruma. You know how much you use, so you order the same amount each month. Recently usage has been either too much or too little. He starts drawing a complex diagram. He couldn't figure out who was using too much/too little.

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