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Goriole Ville

In the town of Gloriole there are the following notable locations.

Chateau De Gloriole

Currently being built by Hugh de Varmartain.


Presided over by Abbot Theodore. Current residence of Megotta, the “not dead” box and the stony woman.

Black Rose Inn

Run by Rebecca of Paris, the Black Rose is the only decent inn in the area. It serves both the merchants as well as the builders and workers at the Castle. It has been built and run by charter of the King of France, in order to help promote the town and attract commerce. If enough people start staying over, then there is the possibility of raising more taxes through tolls and such.

Recently a manor house and a set of large stables were added to Rebecca's holdings, after some fierce negotiations with the magus Casipio ex Merinita.

Serving Girls

  • Paulette
  • Maulette
  • Francious - intelligent one (Sta -1, Str -2, Int +1, Per +1, Qik -1, Dex 0, Pre +2, Com +1)

Italian Factory

A branch of the Brabazonne family holdings. Acts as a Bank and a Free Company employment agency

Basically a big sock with thug attached. The Brabazonnes don't pay rent either, Casipio ex Merinita didn't negotiate well with Beatriz.

French Factory

These are the buildings used by the French wine factors who attend the Wine market at Gloriole. This belongs to the French King who does not pay rent.

English Factory

These are the buildings used by the English wine factors who attend the Wine marker. They pay a rent of 10L annually.

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