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Costian Raduva


Costian was born in Ustalav, to a family of Varisians who lived in Varno on the shores of Redleaf Lake, beneath Adler Manor. He had a elder sister named Catiana, and a younger sister named Cornela. The relationship between his parents was strained, and his father was abusive towards his mother. For Costian, this was a normal family life, and the people of his village, used to the terrors that haunted them at night, did little to convince him otherwise.

When Costian was 11, he came home to find his mother dead, apparently having fallen and struck her head repeatedly against the fireplace. Catiana took over in their mother's place, and also seemed to take on not only her chores and responsibilities, but also being the target of their father's anger.

It was soon after that Costian started to hear his mother's voice again, and seemed to get the feeling of being watched. Over time, he learned to control these feelings, and found that he could hear the voices of the recently dead.

Then one day their father went missing. Catiana was blamed for his death, and sentenced to be hung for murder. Cornela begged Costian to save their sister, but he decided instead to flee with his younger sister, leaving Catiana to her fate.



Costian's elder sister. She was hung for the murder of their father. Costian blames himself for not doing something to rescue her, but she has returned in his thoughts and now manifests as an anger spirit when he is in danger.

Sometimes she is able to take control of her brother, draining his energy in order to power her rage. He isn't entirely certain whether the rage is directed at him, or at those who intend to harm him.



Costian's younger sister. He ran away with her after Catiana was hung. He doesn't know what happened to her after that, since he has no memory of what happened between then and waking up in Thrushmoor insane asylum.

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