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Strange Aeons

A Pathfinder campaign, following the Strange Aeons adventure path in a tabletop game. Though the intent is to keep the adventure notes reasonably abstract, there will almost certainly be spoilers.

The diary of events as kept by Costian, a young man from Ustalav who has forgotten the past few years of his life. He is aided by the spirit of his sister Catiana.

Game Notes

This started as a face to face game, using Roll20 to manage some of the rules. We didn't play in 2020 (due to other games), and are picking it up in 2021 having completely switched to Roll20.


  • Costian Raduva - a Spiritualist from Varno on the shores of Redleaf lake in Ustalav. He is aided by the spirit of his sister Catiana.
  • Erasmus Laskaru - a Shaman (Speaker For the Past)
  • Gregor Eisenhorn - an Inquisitor
  • Ray Orbison - an Arcane Trickster.
  • Sheena Jenkins - a Swashbuckler
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