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The Blight was a side effect of the second Devastation that swept Eyressia four centuries ago. It has been described as a disease, a sickness, or a curse, that infects a place and corrupts the plants, animals and people to such an extent that none would live there.

The Blight originally came as black storms, that swept across the land, bringing with it a stinging rain that covered the ground like a sickly oil. Crops died, and the young and old fell sick and died. Those that survived fled these areas in desperation, but many carried a sickness with them which spread like a plague, so they were turned away or driven back.

With the speed with which people left these lands, the dead were left to fester. Their souls found no rest, and so many such blighted regions as well as being physically corrupted are also haunted with the spirits of the dead.

Those that stayed, or who were driven back, were often forced to feast on the dead, or even each other, and the corruption took them as well, their sickened bodies becoming ghouls.

Most blighted regions range from a new kilometres to a few leagues across in size.

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