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Whilst humans were still enslaved by the elves, the goddess of slaves saw to their needs, providing comfort and aid where she could. After the shackles of the elves were broken, her aspect changed to that of healing, compassion and protection.

Temples to Mishka are common throughout the Middle Sea region, especially in the Republic and to the lands north of that. Though her temples are not as grand as those of Solomus, they are still impressive affairs, in colours of blue and white.

Small shrines to her are common in smaller towns and villages, and roadside chapels are commonly found as places where people can rest for a small donation. Unlike Solomus, her priests will also provide succour to slaves, and though they actively promote the fair treatment of such people they do not push for the complete elimination of slavery.

On the frontiers of civilisation, she has an order of paladins that act in the defence of her followers. They are not as numerous or well funded as those of the more martial gods, but they are often more welcomed where they are needed, for they have a strict code of honour to protect the weak and defenceless, rather than protecting the more general idea of ‘civilisation’ (which normally means the rich and important).

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