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New Anglian Confederation

New Anglian Confederation

The New Anglian Confederation are the most advanced of the four major nation powers, though probably on par with the ESU due to the numerical superiority of the Eurasians. The NAC is known for its high level of technology, and ability to throw money at any problem until it is solved.

The Core Fleet

The prime focus of the NAC fleet is based around the idea of fight superiority. Carriers are the focus of their fleet, and they have a large number of carriers of varying types. All their fighters have high endurance, enabling them to stay active for much longer. The NAC also make heavy use of shields, though tend to favour short to medium range ship weapons - long range combat is performed using fighters.


Using Wargames Foundry paints. British Denezin Brown for the base colour, ?? for panel highlights and Dark Spearshaft Brown for the central panel highlights and cruisers and larger scale ships.

Fighters are British Drab Shade (12A), with Rawhide Light (11C) highlights.

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