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Ravager Pirate Fleet

Recently, a new group of pirates have been making themselves known on the outer rim. Equipped with more advanced technology and larger ships than what pirate raiders - have been using previously, they have became a serious problem for security forces in these regions.

So far, three types of pirate vessels have been identified. There may be more.


Air-Space Fighter

Class: Standard
Speed: 18“
Endurance: 6
Points: 18
Designed for combat both in the upper atmosphere and in space. Have the capability to launch from a planetary surface.

Heavy Fighter

Class: Heavy
Speed: 24”
Endurance: 6
Points: 30
Heavy fighters designed specifically for space combat, they are often carried by ravager carriers.

Ravager Ships

Attacker Class Pirate Vessel

Class: Scout (ST)
Tonnage: 800 tonnes
Hull: Strong (Hull Integrity 3)
Crew: 1 Officer, 2 ratings

These are the smallest of the new pirate ships. Equipped with EMP beams and anti-fighter defence, they are designed to go in fast and disable merchant vessels before they can escape.

Six currently active vessels of this type have been identified. These are the Profits Before Ethics, Rape Then Slaughter, Tax Free Income, Killing for Money, Take Everything, See Them Weep.

Raider Class Pirate Vessel

Class: Heavy Destroyer (DH)
Tonnage: 3,400 tonnes
Hull: Strong (Hull Integrity 8)
Crew: 4 Officers, 5 ratings

The raider class vessel is designed as a heavy backup for the Attackers, and has cargo space for slaves in stasis or high value goods.

Four active vessels of this type have been identified. These are the Heartless Bastard, Sadistic Bitch, Raging Psychopath, Corporate Lawyer.

Cruiser Class Pirate Vessel

Class: Heavy Cruiser (CH)
Tonnage: 9,000 tonnes
Hull: Strong (Hull Integrity 30)
Crew: 12 Officers, 45 ratings

By far the largest pirate vessel, this packs state of the art heavy weapons, and is more than capable of taking on most escort craft. The cargo hold can be equipped with stasis bays for keeping slaves and prisoners.

Fortunate, only two cruisers have been identified, these being the Slave Master and the Tyrannical Dictator. A variant is thought to have a Salvo Missile System in place of the Torpedoes and cargo hold.

Light Carrier Class Pirate Vessel

Class: Light Carrier (CVL)
Tonnage: 9,000 tonnes
Hull: Weak (Hull Integrity 18)
Crew: 12 Officers, 45 ratings

This is the Ravager's only carrier, and is little more than a light frame with room for four flights of fighters. It has minimal defences.

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