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Orbital Superiority

Try and capture a planet.

Players 2+ Points 800

Fleet Restrictions

  • Escort and Cruiser class ships only
  • No more than 400 points may be spent on Cruiser class ships
  • No more than 12 ships total
  • No fighters


  • A single planet, 6“ - 8” in diameter, is placed in the middle of the table.
  • All fleets deploy 18“ from the planet's surface.

Special Rules

  • The planet has 1”/turn of gravity within 3“ of its surface.

End Game

  • 6 turns have been completed.


  • At the end of each turn, +1pt if your fleet has the most ships within 3” of the planet's surface.
  • An extra +1pt if you are the only fleet with ships within 3“ of the planet at the end of the turn.
  • At the end of turn 6, +3pt if you are the only fleet within 3” of the planet.
  • Each ship of yours that has been destroyed, -1 points (-2 for cruisers, as per destruction points).
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