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Full Thrust Scenarios

Full Thrust is an incredibly flexible system, and players can build pretty much any type of fleet that they want. However, this means that games can sometimes be a bit unbalanced if players bring completely different fleets. A simple 'meet and destroy' game can also mean it's easy to optimise a fleet for that sort of battle.

In our experience, a small number of large vessels with low manoeuvrability and lots of big long ranged weapons can easily destroy a more manoeuvrable fleet of many smaller craft.

The point of these scenarios then, are to:

  • Put restrictions on the make up of fleets, so players can bring fleets which are vaguely similar in style.
  • Provide an advantage for manoeuvrability over stationary gun platforms.
  • Include objectives beyond the simple destruction of the enemy, which may require different tactics and a need for specialist ships.

Common Rules

These scenarios assume use of these Custom Rules, though this isn't required.

Ship Classes

An Escort class ship is considered to be any ship less than MASS 50.

A Cruiser class ship is considered to be from MASS 50 to MASS 99.

A Capital Ship is considered to be MASS 100+.

Destruction Points

Escorts: Whoever gets the killing blow gets the point for destroying it, regardless of how much they or anyone else has actually done.

Cruisers: 1pt for the second threshold, 1pt when they are destroyed.

Capital Ships: One point each time they are forced over a threshold, including a point when they are destroyed. Ships with advanced hulls give 2 points on destruction. Gives a total of 4 points.


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