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Population of Habisfern

This article looks at the population of the Habisfern campaign, including the size, social structure and general distribution across the countryside.

Rural Populations

The Kingdom of Weidany has a total population of around two million people. By far the majority of these live in small rural villages.

Though this is small by modern standards, it does not mean that there are large tracts of wilderness devoid of human habitation. They do exist, but they are actually quite rare. It's truer to say that there are regions which are less densely populated than others, but someone will always find a way to set up home somewhere. Especially if it makes it harder for the tax collectors to find them.


About 90% of the population can be considered rural. The majority of this rural population will live in villages of about 100 to 200 people. Generally, they will be made up of aound five families - where a family may be spread across several households (grandparents, sons with their wives and children, brothers etc). Since daughters are generally married off to neighboring villages, most relationships within the village will be connected via the male line.

The village is considered the basic unit of a manor, and is governed by a thegn.

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