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The Habisfern campaign is centred on a small region of the world of Eorthe, but it is not the only settled part of that world. Sometimes known as the Western Kingdoms, the lands of the Habisfern campaign are bordered by the Northern and Eastern kingdoms. Together, these regions make up Euressa, a peninsula (sometimes mistakenly referred to as an island) that hangs off the north western side of the Old World of the continent of Gyla.

The Old World

The civilisations of humanity first arose in the Old World, in the forests and savannahs of the equatorial regions. Humans though were not the first to achieve civilisation on Eorthe however, for the first great cities were built by the serpent people known to those of Habisfern as the Elders. The Elder civilisations waned though as humanity grew in numbers and strength. It is not known what caused the complete collapse of the serpent people, but it was probably a mixture of humanity and climate.

Human civilisation moved north as the world warmed and the southern lands became inhospitable. Great nations were built on the northern grasslands, where two species of humans - Mankind and the Shortfolk - fought over territory and resources.

Then the Ice returned, and the civilisations of humanity collapsed, fleeing back south to escape the encroaching Ice. Though the lands of the south cooled, the world also became dryer as well, and the old cradle of civilisation never recovered to the level of fertility it had previously known.

Today, a few city states control the north eastern steppes of the Old World, and horsemen roam its western extents.

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