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Habisfern is a campaign set in the mythical world of Eorthe. It is centred on the Kingdoms of Weidany and Bryteland, but is influenced by the nations that surround them.

A Quick Look

Humans, Humans and Humans

Habisfern is humano-centric. Player characters are assumed to be human. Apart from two exceptions, non-humans do not exist amongst the races of the middle earth (though fey and other creatures exist beyond it in the other world). There are no orcs, elves or similar Tolkien-like creatures.

The Giants (or Ents as they are called) are rare and generally peaceful, keeping to themselves in their woodland villages.

The Elders are an ancient race, all but extinct in these days. They ruled the world before the coming of man, and were allies of the Northern Powers. They are serpent creatures, quite alien to human ways.


The society and technology of the campaign is about equivalent to 11th century northern Europe. The Kingdom of Weidany is based on Saxon England, and Bryteland is based on Norse culture.

Mail is the best form of armour, longbows and crossbows are the best ranged weapons. There is no gunpowder, and good quality steel is expensive.


Magic is common but low key. A wizard is powerful compared to a common man, but can be killed with an arrow just as easily as anyone else. Most magic is used to make crops grow better and to ensure that the weather is good. Extensive use of magic can lead down a dark road which is unpredictable and dangerous, breaking the mind of the Wizard.

The magic of bards and smiths can be as strong as, if not better than, that of wizards. The runes of mage-smiths are well known, and items blessed by their arts are highly prized. Bards can weave magic with music and words. A wizard may break apart the earth to bring down a tower, a bard can make the guards of that tower think that he is their lord.

Gods and Powers

The gods of Habisfern are many and varied. Their power is rarely felt directly these days, but their cults hold great power in the land.

Each cult is an organisation dedicated to the worship of their god. Some cults (such as those of Asabeth) are warrior cults, others are dedicated to more peaceful aims (such as that of Eostre). Priests of cults are not able to converse with their god, but they are taught rituals which give them knowledge or power.

There are some supernatural forces which do not carry the label of god - these are the various Powers. Generally inhuman, they are rarely considered to benefit humanity. The most feared of all the Powers are those of the Ice, which seeks to wipe out all life with its own cold beauty. The antithisis of the Ice is passion, so though some of the gods of chaos are feared, they are seen as an ally against the greater danger.

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