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Caverns in the Desert

Not a wargame this, but some photos from one of our Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying sessions. At this point we're sheltering from a sandstorm in some caves which have turned out to be larger than expected. Soon after meeting some others who are also seeking shelter, we are assualted by goblins, ogres and undead who are seeking to capture the princess who is with the group we have just met.

At the time of the photos, we have just fought off the attackers, but the princess has been taken and more goblins are lurking around the corner. Our Shugenja was badly hurt (which is why she is laying down), but has just healed herself.

The photos were taken just as we were clearing up for the evening, so we would know how to lay things out the following week. Dungeon terrain consists of several Master Maze sets from Dwarven Forge. It's expensive, but it's nice.

The terrain is very useful when playing a game like d20 which is heavily miniatures based, but even for games like Five Rings which tend to be more descriptive, it's useful to have an idea of where everyone is and what the area looks like. It definitely looks better than a map hastily scrawled on paper.

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