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This page is for general wargaming material, that doesn't fit under more specific headings. Currently it just contains some random photos.


World War II

  • The Village - A race to occupy a village.
  • The Hill - A British assault on a German held hill fortification.
  • Flames of War - A game of Flames of War between British and German desert troops.


  • Warhammer - Some photos of Warhammer Ancients armies.
  • Five Rings - Some photos from a roleplaying session for Legend of the Five Rings, when we happened to find ourselves in a set of caverns.

Terrain Photos

I used to use terrain from Purbeck Terrain Systems, but they seem to have vanished from the face of the web (or at least, their old website is not longer available). It looked nice, but it took up a lot of space so given my lack of wargaming time recently, I passed it on to someone else. I've replaced it with some terrain, which is far more compact.

A Larger Table

I now use wallpapering tables for wargaming. These are about 180cm long, by about 60cm wide. They're relatively cheap, so I've bought 4 and stuck them along side each other, to give a 1.8m x 2.4m play area. The advantage is that extending it is easy by simply buying another table or two.

Trees are from Last Valley, which do a nice range of realistic looking trees which are ideal for ~25mm wargaming.

Older Photos

These setups used the dining room table, which was long but quite thin.

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