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My collection of 28mm historical is mostly of the Saxon-Viking period. The majority comes from Wargames Foundry and is a pretty random selection of Vikings, Saxons and Romano-British.

The army has also doubled as a Cult of Ulric army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

The Three Armies

These are a few pictures of my collection, just before I begin to organise them according to the army lists.


The Vikings seem to be a bit of a problem, since many of the model types don't have a corresponding entry in the Viking army lists for Warhammer Ancients, notably the complete lack of horsemen in those lists.


The Saxon have a lot of horsemen (not by design, it just turned out that way). I have some slingers as well which need to be painted, but Saxon missile troops are pretty poor.


The Romano-British army is the smallest of the three, and has been fleshed out with a pack of hunting dogs (from Gripping Beast - ), which were mostly bought in order to be Hounds of Ulric.

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