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Flames of War

Our first game of Flames of War, with a simple clash between German and British forces in some nameless desert. All figures painted by Simon Campbell-Smith, terrain supplied by Purbeck Terrain Systems.

The initial setup was along each side of the Wadi, with the British on the low ground and Germans on the high ground. The British were assaulting.

Both sides rush for the Wadi, with the heavy machine gunners taking position on the hills and digging in. Initial casualties were light on each side.

The Germans take heavy casualties, though both sides are refusing to move forward until reinforcements arrive in the form of tanks. For some reason, a plush Cthulhu turns up behind the Germans briefly as well…

A brief clash between thanks wipes out the German tanks, leaving them in a poor position relative to the British. The game ends without objectives being achieved, but with the British having an advantage.

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