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The Village

Somewhere, sometime, during WWII, a group of British soldiers make a hurried beach assault and try to claim a small coastal village. The Germans are caught off guard, and hurry to the defence. Initially, it is a race to see who can get to the best cover first.

Both Germans and British make the outskirts of the village at about the same time, though the British have a slightly stronger flank as they come up the road.

Things start to fall apart for the British. A German with an MG42 reaches the bunker and destroys the British column coming up the road. The British Assaulting the eastern house are forced back after taking some losses.

The British west flank is left cowering in the woods, but the eastern group suddenly find themselves a Hero, rally, and start hitting back hard. A couple of rounds later, the Germans in the central ruins gain a Hero in the form of their MG42 gunner, who proceeds to wipe out the British in the opposite house.

Suddenly, it all goes wrong for the Germans as some seriously bad luck causes them to flee the eastern house, and loose all but a lone Hero in the central ruins. There are still plenty of Germans protecting the west flank however, from behind the hedge.

In the end, it is considered a draw, as the remains of both armies decide to wait for reinforcements. The edge is probably to the British however, who have control of the flanks.

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