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Simple Land

See also: Organic, Archaean, Aerobic, Complex Ocean, SimpleLand, Complex Land, Extensive

Simple land life is common, in the form of algae, mosses, insects, amphibians and later on plants. Modern forests are unheard of for many such worlds, though small tree-like plants and moss forests may exist. There are no large land animals, no flowering plants or grasses.

This marks the Silurian period on Earth, where the first land animals were relatives of spiders and millipedes. It generally lasts a few tens of millions of years.


Land life is common, though not well developed. Ocean life is similar to Complex Ocean, with the addition of some amphibious life forms.


  • Moss


  • Ferns
  • Fungi
  • Insects
  • Amphibians


  • Lizards
  • Wood
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