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See also: Organic, Archaean, Aerobic, Complex Ocean, Simple Land, Complex Land, Extensive

Worlds classified as being Organic are generally lifeless, though they are abundant with simple organic matter in the form of amino acids and other non-replicating molecules. Such worlds have all the raw materials for life to form, but initial abiogensis has not yet occurred.

Earth-sized worlds with this type of life classification will tend to be EoGaian. Other world types may also have an Organic rating, such as Europan or EoArean. The later stages of life is part of what drives the changing classification of these worlds.


The resources found on Organic worlds depends on the current evolutionary stage of the world. The progress generally follows the following stages:

Organic ChemicalsProkaryotes

Once Prokaryotes becomes dominant, then a world's life level is raised to Archaean.

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