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Group: Terrestrial Group
Class: Tectonic Class

EoGaian are a sub-type of Gaian worlds, belonging to the Tectonic Class of the Terrestrial Group. They are young Gaian worlds between 500 million and 2 billion years in age. The atmosphere is thick, generally ten to twenty times standard pressure.

They are heavily volcanic, and the thick atmosphere makes them considerably warmer than older worlds of their type. However, they have deep oceans and have a good chance of avoiding a runaway greenhouse effect.

They will generally have a magnetic field.


Early Stage

Typical Habitability: V (Extreme heat and pressure, unbreathable)

Early stage EoGaian worlds with generally have 60%-80% surface water. Atmospheric density will generally be over 10x standard, though lower is possible. Surface temperature will often be above standard boiling point, but the pressure keeps the oceans liquid.

Atmosphere type will be Primordial, with a life type of Organic or Archaean.

The type of living matter will include:

Late Stage

Typical Habitability: IV (Heat, unbreathable)

Over time, volcanism will supplant this atmosphere with CarbonDioxide, which is the major difference between early and late stage EoGaian worlds. The atmospheric density will also drop over time, as the initial thick atmosphere is lost to space, or absorbed into the rocks. Pressure tends to drop to around five times standard by this point.

Life level is generally Archaean.

The type of living matter will include:

The ocean bottom may be covered in huge bacterial mats. Algae tends to evolve photosynthesis, which gives rise to an oxygen atmosphere. This leads to a MesoGaian world.

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