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The material on this site is owned by Samuel Penn, and any queries should be directed there. Most of the material on this site is licensed under CC-BY-SA.


Yet Another Game System

A quick guide - to the rules is also available, which describes very roughly how Yags works, though not in enough detail to actually know how to play.

Below are a number of settings for Yags.

Core Rules

The core rules cover all aspects of the system across all genres, but are setting agnostic. Currently, they are mostly geared towards the fantasy/historical genre, due to campaigns using Yags being of this kind.

yags :pserver:anonymous@cvshost:2401/var/cvs/rpg


The following short articles describe certain aspects of the rules in detail. Generally, they expand upon particular skills (such as computer hacking) or facet of the game (e.g. vehicle combat) than is suitable in the core rules. Some articles are collected together elsewhere in genre supplements.

yags :pserver:anonymous@cvshost:2401/var/cvs/rpg

Modern and Science Fiction

Modern and futuristic settings tend to use the same sort of rules - combat tends to be focused on firearms, with plenty of 'high tech' skills in the sciences and technical areas.

yags :pserver:anonymous@cvshost:2401/var/cvs/rpg

Rules for GDW's Traveller setting are also available, and are basically a specific version of the Modern rules.

yags :pserver:anonymous@cvshost:2401/var/cvs/rpg


Habisfern is an original fantasy campaign setting which has used Yags exclusively from the start. Yags has been designed principally to run Habisfern campaigns.

yags :pserver:anonymous@cvshost:2401/var/cvs/rpg

Future Plans

Yags is still very much a work in progress. It is hoped that the current version of 0.7 will be the last unstable release before 1.0. Future releases will only add to and clarify the existing rulebase.

Currently, most work is being performed in the areas of modern combat and vehicle rules.

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