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The Twilight Saga

In the year eleven hundred and ninety as counted by the Christian Church, a group of magi, fresh out of apprenticeship, joined the Covenant of the Broken Crown within the Stonehenge Tribunal.

The covenant was coming into full bloom, entering the heights of its Summer Season, and led by a group of older magi including Aelfric of House Tremere. With the stability of the experienced and the fresh outlook of the young, the covenant was rapidly building up influence within the Tribunal.

Following a number of set backs, including bringing down a powerful Divine aura on the place, many of the older magi have left, and the younger ones have forged out on their own, to found a new covenant where they can study and grow without the influence of politics.

The saga is divided into a number of chapters. Unfortunately, notes on all of them are not available. I seemed to stop recording notes at the end of chapter two.


The following details the events of the Saga in chronological order.

Chapter One - The Broken Crown

Chapter Two - Smiths of the Keepers

Chapter Three - Keeper's Legacy

Legend Lore

The magi obtained a lot of information about the background of the world during the saga. Some of it was in the form of player handouts, which are listed below.

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