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New Swabian League Fleet

Finally, after many years of procrastination, I have finished painting my NSL fleet for Full Thrust. I still need to purchase some extra fighters to keep the carriers fully stocked, and the ship designs need to be validated, but it's pretty much done.

The major delay was deciding how to base everything. I had decided on using the short plastic flight bases from the B5 Fleet Action miniatures, but when I ran out of my spare ones, I discovered that getting hold of anything similar proved impossible. Then Jon Tuffley mentioned the possibility of casting short flight stands, so I delayed things for these to become available, but he was too busy to actually make them.

So, after years of waiting, I finally made my own. I'm using MDF bases from Products For Wargamers, who do a large line of 2mm thick bases in many shapes and sizes (from 10mm to 60mm diameter). This allows me to have bases comparable to the size of the model.

For the poles, I'm using clear perspex for 'escort' vessels, and copper rods for anything larger. They are relatively short, providing a low centre of gravity (less likely to be knocked over) and reducing storage space. For the big capital ships, I'm using GZGs big metal stands. A simple label identifies the ship class and number.

So, I now have two NSL fleets - my original fleet, plus this New Construction fleet that uses the newer models (which are much improved over the originals). One day, I might get a chance to play again. Until then, I'll just tweak the ship designs until I'm happy with them.

Next up, I just have the new FSE, NAC, IJN, IF and Scandinavian fleets to paint. Still not entirely sure why I've bought this many fleets.

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