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Desert Worlds

The latest TAS publication is Wonders of a Solar System: Desert Worlds. This provides 36 descriptions of Desert planets for Travellers to find and explore.

Designed for use with Traveller, but compatible with any science fiction roleplaying game.

Other publications in the series include:

2024/04/07 17:36 · sam

101 Garden Worlds

Available for sale now on DriveThruRPG, is 101 Garden Worlds, a collection of maps and animated tokens for world maps. For use in any Science Fiction RPG, it consists of maps and 3D renders which can be used as handouts in a tabletop game. Also provided are animated images for use as either tokens, or in handouts in Virtual Tabletops such as FoundryVTT or Roll20.

The collection contains Icosohedral maps, rectangular maps, and a collection of 3D renders showing what the world looks like from different angles.

Each world also comes with animated tokens are available at 100px, 200px and 400px sizes.For some examples, see my original blog post on the subject.

2023/10/30 21:49 · sam

Barren Worlds

My latest publication on DriveThruRPG is Wonders of a Solar System: Barren Worlds. It's a collection of D66 descriptions of small barren terrestrial worlds similar to Mars.

It also includes D66 entries for archaeological finds which may be located on such worlds.

Other things that I've been working on recently include my Ships of Elite collection, which contains conversions of ships from the original Elite computer game to Mongoose Traveller. It now includes most of the common original ships, including the Cobra Mk III and Python. The Boa is currently being worked on.

I've also been working on expanding my assets for Dungeondraft, adding smallcraft, vehicles and even some larger spacecraft as tokens.

My next planned DriveThru publication will be a collection of trade ships, from 100t to 1,000t, for use with Mongoose Traveller. They will include deck plans, renders and game statistics.

2023/06/25 13:15 · sam

Marlow Light Freighter

The Marlow Light Freighter is a 2,600t bulk carrier, used in the ore and agricultural industries. With a Jump-2 drive, and 2G of thrust, it is designed for servicing worlds outside of the standard main line.

This is my latest TAS product, a short supplement containing full details for Mongoose Traveller, as well as deck plans, 3D renders and tokens for use in a VTT.

The deck plans are 128px resolution, since Dungeondraft couldn't handle exporting to the full 256px for a ship of this size. This is not a ship that PCs will typically use themselves, but it is the sort of ship that might be encountered at starports.

As part of my renewed interest in creating ship designs, I've also put together Mongoose designs for some of the ships from the 1984 version of Elite. They have 3D renders and deck plans, as well as a history and description of the ship. Each is about 4 pages in length. There's four at the moment, but I plan to flesh this out over time.

2023/04/02 13:22 · sam

A Travellers' Dozen 2

My final TAS product of 2022 is A Travellers' Dozen 2 which contains another dozen, randomly rolled, characters for Mongoose Traveller. Each character has a detailed background, a list of connections and half a dozen story hooks for getting them involved in your campaign.

The characters are located in the Reft and Trojan Reach sectors of the Third Imperium, but it shouldn't be too hard to move them to a different location or setting. Though statistics are included for Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition, most of the material is system agnostic.

The main characters are:

  • Michelle Mandeville - a ‘truther’ who strongly believes that the Third Imperium is a lie
  • Nigel Mikateema - an artist famous for his portrayals of urban life
  • Okhegan - a small Vargr seeking a pack that won’t treat her badly
  • Paul Peterson - a disillusioned, alcoholic, ex-law enforcement officer
  • Quilla Quartermaine - an enforcer for a local street gang
  • Ronald Reed - a steward aboard the Electric Blue subsidised liner with a colourful past
  • Samzan Shalaj - the red headed lead vocalist of the Frantic Reds
  • Tony Turner - a scout turned data analyst
  • Ushle Ujarii - a psion who doesn’t play well with others
  • Valkentana Vidar - a fallen nobleman who is now part con-man and part drifter
  • Willa Weber - an arms dealer
  • Xander Xenakis - a rich psychopath with a history of corporate greed and callousness

As well as the main characters, there are detailed descriptions of four organisations:

  • The Broken Arrows - a criminal gang of arms dealers operating out of the Trojan Reach.
  • Reaching Shipping - a company that runs subsidised merchant vessels in the Outrim Void.
  • StarChat - a social media company that runs a distributed chat system across the Islands in the Reft sector.
  • United Defence Alliance - a mercenary group who specialise in the protection of VIPs.

In addition, there are full write ups of four ships associated with the characters. Each ship has a set of statistics, deck plans, a crew and background information. Adventure hooks are also provided, from D66 tables to more detailed stories that can be fitted into your campaign. All deck plans have both a gridded and un-gridded format and are provided at both 100px and 256px resolutions.

2022/12/31 18:13 · sam

Garden Worlds


I've published another TAS supplement - Garden Worlds. This is a set of d66 tables for describing what can be found on (not too surprisingly) Garden Worlds, and is my latest addition to my Wonders of a Solar system collection.

I've also been continuing to work on some Dungeondraft assets for Traveller, with plans to use them for ship deck plans in a bigger supplement I almost have finished.

I've also published two (Traveller related) modules for FoundryVTT:

It also looks like we're going to shifting our normal weekly schedule around a bit, in order to start getting in a bit more wargaming. I'm putting together a Vikings war band for Saga in preparation.

2022/08/20 12:46 · sam

Druids' Dale

We have started a new Ars Magica campaign, called Druids' Dale. Set in mythic Scotland, in the ruins of an old Díedne covenant. A weekly write up of it can be found over on the blog.

2022/05/25 20:44 · sam

Wonders of a Solar System: Hot Worlds

I have recently published the third supplement in my Wonders of a Solar System series: Hot Worlds. This provides a list of random world descriptions for small, barren worlds similar to Mercury.

Designed for use with Traveller, and published under the Travellers Aid Society on DrivethruRPG, it provides a D66 list of short world descriptions for use when the GM needs a quick description of an interesting world in the inner solar system.

Examples include worlds with ferro-volcanoes spewing molten metal into orbit, transparent quartz mountains embedded in the crust, and towering glaciers on the night side of tidally locked worlds.

Also included is a D66 list of things to find on such worlds - from abandoned cities to research stations and mining outposts.

It joins Kuiper Belt Objects and Gas Giants.

2022/04/17 11:16 · sam

Wonders of a Solar System: Gas Giants

I've published a second Traveller supplement over on DrivethruRPG - Wonders of a Solar System: Gas Giants. This is a smaller book, really just a list of random events of natural phenomena that can be found at gas giants. It's pretty system neutral, but has some references to the Mongoose Traveller rules so I've once again released under the TAS license.

I plan for this to be the first in a series of supplements - Kuiper Belt Objects and Rogue Planets are probably up next. The idea is to provide some random encounters that are mostly natural in nature.

2021/11/21 22:10 · sam

A Travellers' Dozen

I've finally taken the plunge, and have published my first real product, A Travellers' Dozen. This is a collection of twelve NPCs for Mongoose Traveller, together with story hooks to work them into your campaign. It's available on DrivethruRPG as pay-as-you-want. They've already appeared on this website, but have been edited and expanded for the final product.

A Travellers' Dozen includes a dozen NPC Travellers for use with Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition. Each character includes a portrait, background and 6 story hooks to provide ideas on how they may be used in a campaign.

Also included are four organisations which have connections to these characters: Intuitive Biomedics, Paternity Inc, Sag Mekilure and Tobia Uncovered! Each has a full description and a set of story hooks to include them in your campaign.

Finally, those characters which obtained a ship as part of their background has their ship detailed at the end of the book, along with information on the rest of the crew.

Though all of these are based in the Reft and Trojan Reach sectors, they could be easily moved to a more stuiable location for your own Traveller campaign.

In total, it includes:

  • 12 main characters
  • 50 supporting characters
  • 4 organisations
  • 6 ships and crew
  • 96 story hooks

Also included are image files which include portraits and VTT tokens for each character, logos for each of the organisations and images and tokens for each of the ships. These can be used in a VTT or simply provided as handouts to players.

2021/10/12 10:22 · sam
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